She deserves a life free of suffering!

Most animals in human “care” spend their whole lives confined in industrial farms. They are subjected to mutilations, imprisoned in small cells, unable to move and deprived of everything natural to them. Together we can change those things. Your donation will help expose and stop this cruelty.

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IBAN: BG68 STSA 9300 0028 5318 04

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Owner: Association Invisible Animals
Bank: DSK Bank

Please send us an email at contact@nevidimi.bg, so we know when you make a donation!

Who are you?

We are ” Nevidimi Jivotni “: A Bulgarian non-profit organization founded in 2021 by a group of friends who wanted to change the circumstances of animals.
In the period of time we have existed, we have made huge achievements. We published a hidden camera investigation from a mink farm near Stara Zagora. That investigation caused a huge stir in the media and compelled many to take a stand against the cruel industry of fur farming.

During the European citizens’ initiative ” Save Cruelty-Free Cosmetics “, we collected almost 60 000 signatures from Bulgaria.
We collaborated with a number of public personalities such as Asen Blatechki, Maggie Dzhanavarova, Orlin Goranov, Silvia Petkova, and others. During the summer of 2022, we collected signatures in different 5 cities with the assistance of volunteers. We helped the topic gain publicity in the media and spread awareness about the cruelties of animal testing.

During the European citizens’ initiative “Fur-free Europe”, we collected more than 77,000 signatures from Bulgaria.
We recorded the anonymous account of a former mink farm worker. That account was broadcast in “Po sveta i u nas”(One of the biggest Bulgarian News Broadcasts) and in many other news outlets.
This was the biggest Animal Rights Campaign in Bulgaria – ever. But we still have so much work to do, and we won’t be able to do it without YOU.